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About Us

The Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre is the heartbeat of Jebel Ali Port, DP World’s flagship, a premier gateway for over 80 weekly shipping services, connecting more than 150 ports worldwide. We take immense pride in having a home for the seafarers, who serve diligently to fulfil the dreams of billions of people.

At heart, the Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre, home to the global seafarers’ community, is a place for anyone who is employed to serve aboard a marine vessel to rest, rejuvenate, and help reinforce the maritime task force that serves around the clock to enable faster and smarter trade. The supply of goods is one of the central pillars in the operation of the global economy. In total, more than 90% of the world’s goods are moved around the world with the help of seafarers. Therefore, the well-being of seafarers is essential to support our modern way of life.

Our Vision

Set a global and sustainable standard for the seafarers’ community and instil values that help the community learn and grow in all areas of life.

Our Mission

The Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre aims to provide excellent services, support and comfort to the seafarers calling DP World, UAE Region’s terminals.

Message from the Chairman of the Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre

Today, the world is changing at a rapid pace, and there are a few essentials each and everyone needs. One of these essential is unknown to many. Trade, a hidden yet known element that completes our lives, and is incomplete without the seafarers, who work tirelessly across the globe to make it happen. From the food, we consume to the clothes we wear, most of it comes through the seaports. The seaports are the gateway to the world, but this doorway needs talents and skilled professional who help bring our desired products home. These are our proud seafarers.

Over 90% of world trade is carried by sea, providing work to 1.5 million seafarers. For us, seafarers are the real heroes. The life of a seafarer can be challenging with regular long-term voyages, which makes them live far from family, friends, and their loved ones. The Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre is designed to be a haven for these heroes, where they find peace and strength, and work with dignity and respect.

abdulla bin damithan

Chairman of The Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre


Duty Free Dubai Ports Shop

DP World and Duty Free Dubai Ports  is a partnership spanning over 37 years. Duty Free Dubai Ports, has the most comprehensive selection of premium products. The strength of our portfolio, along with our innovative approach to retail and marketing, ensures we continue to both reflect and help guide consumer tastes.

Duty Free Dubai Ports is a proud supporter of the Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre and offers a range of products at the centre and via its delivery services to seafarers at Jebel Ali.

Emirates Leisure Restaurant

Emirates Leisure Retail (ELR), a subsidiary of the high-profile Emirates Group, owns and operates a wide-ranging portfolio of restaurants, cafes and bars across the Middle East, Australia, and Asia. ELR supports the Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre through the operations of the restaurant and offers the finest cuisines.

Your dining experience with a colleague or a customer can be enhanced with ELR with interesting games like Billiards and Dart-Throwing. Visitors can also use the conference room to have meetings and organise events for the customers and colleagues.

As part of its support, ELR provides transportation solutions for seafarers to commute with ease and comfort to an airport or seaport.

To view the menu of the ELR Restaurant, please click here.

To view the special offer of the ELR Restaurant, please click here.

Happiness Centre

The maritime sector offers tremendous possibilities to seafarers and is an interesting and fulfilling career. Positive mental health and wellbeing are fundamental to every seafarer and their crew as it creates confidence, motivation, teamwork, and safety onboard. The Seafarers can sometimes feel overwhelmed and sensitive to feelings of anxiety and distress. At the Happiness Centre, we aim to ensure that seafarers and their families can prosper and be safe.

Through several initiatives and partnerships, we support the seafarers with a place to ease, share and enjoy themselves. They are given utmost attention and care and connected to the relevant bodies to gain emotional wellbeing.



A place to relax and unwind

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